Available facilities

Tables and chairs

Portable church seating for up to 80 is available, either as single chairs or clicked together into rows of variable length. There are various trestle tables available in three different sizes, and also cafe-style round tables and cafe seating which can be used.


A small fully-featured kitchen is available with fridge, oven, stove, two microwaves, sink, and bench space.


Onsite parking is available for up to 50. Two parks are available for Disabled Parking. The back entrance to the auditorium can be used for deliveries.


Use of the playground is included in all bookings and restricted to children under the age of ten. Children need to be supervised at all times.

Babies room

A room for parents including couch, change table, and curtains is available.

Free WiFi

Free unlimited WiFi is available at the venue for general web surfing and email.

Tea & Coffee Stations

Two tea and coffee stations are provided in the venue. These include sing, wall urn, and mugs. Supplies (coffee and tea) can also be provided for a small fee.

Barista coffee

A full-size commercial coffee machine is available on the premisis and can be included in the hire, along with a barista to operate the machine. Coffees are sold at a standard rate with the proceeds going back to the church. These can be paid individually or using a tab on the booking.

Light and sound

A modern PA and media desk is available in the facility. The use of spot lights throughout the facility creates a modern and inviting environment.