Terms and conditions

In these conditions, HFC refers to Hills Family Church.

1. Applications/Bookings

a) All applications must be on the official application form.

b) All applicants must be 18 years or over.

c) HFC reserves the right of refuse an application.

d) Bookings will be taken up to six months in advance.

2. Charges

a) Costs of hire and bonds are in accordance with the current fee schedule.

b) Cancellations made less than one week before the hire date will forfeit the bond.

c) The hirer may make application for a transfer to another date without forfeit depending on

3. Regular users

a) Regular users will make payment of hire charges on a monthly basis.

b) Payment is due within seven days.

c) Regular users must make a separate application for once off events.

d) Regular users must allow set up and pack up time within the booked time slot.

e) All hire agreements will be reviewed annually.

4. Bonds

a) A bond as per the fee schedule will be applicable to some bookings.

b) The bond is held against the following;
i. Damage to building or equipment.
ii. Additional cleaning
iii. Breach of conditions of hire

c) The hirer will be liable for costs of damage in excess of the bond deposited.

d) The bond will be refunded within fourteen days or deducted from the hire charge.

5. Restrictions

a) The interior and playground is 100% smoke-free.

b) Use of alcohol on site is only permitted with prior consent and following all applicable laws.

c) Under no circumstances is the hirer to duplicate any keys which are the property of HFC.

d) Confetti or other similar materials are not permitted inside the building.

e) Decorations such as balloons or steamers are allowed inside the building provided they are
cleaned away at the end of the function and adhesive does not cause damage to any furniture or paintwork.

f) All deliveries to the facility are to be included in the agreed hire time.

g) Noise levels much comply with the Environment Protection (Noise) Regulations. All activities must cease at midnight.

h) Function set up and clean up is included within the time booked.

6. HFC responsibilities

a) HFC will take every reasonable care and precaution to ensure that all utilities, services and
equipment are in proper working order, but will not accept responsibility for breakdowns beyond their control.

b) HFC will make every effort to provide the Hirer with clean and tidy facility.

c) HFC is not responsible for any damage, theft or loss of items belonging to or the responsibility of
the Hirer.

7. Hirer responsibilities

a) The hirer is responsible for the behaviour of all persons attending the booked function or activity.

b) Hirers are responsible for the insurance of their own equipment or supplies, which are stored of left at the venue.

c) Hirers are responsible for any public liability in respect to their activity; HFC public liability will only cover injury, loss or damage as a result of any proven neglect or default of the Church.

8. Cleaning

a) At the conclusion of the function/session the hirer shall:
i. Leave the entire building in a clean and tidy condition
ii. Place all rubbish in outside rubbish bins

b) All excess rubbish must be removed by the hirer.

c) All unused food or drinks must be removed from the premises unless otherwise arranged with the venue hire administrator.

d) In the event that additional cleaning is required a $30.00 surcharge will be payable.

9. Opening and closing

a) Access to the building will be arranged at the time of booking. A member of HFC will be available to open and close the venue and ensure access to all facilities.

10. Disputes

a) Any disputes concerning bond refunds must be made in writing and addressed to:
Attention Venue Hire Administrator
Hills Family Church
PO Box 387