Whole Church Roster

1. Go to Google Drive

You need to open the "Rosters" shared folder on Google Drive. You can use the below link for direct access.


You may need to log into your Google account.

Google Login

Your computer may already be logged in.


2. Copy previous roster from previous month

If there isn't yet a roster than you will need to make a copy from the previous month. Right-click on the previous month roster and then select "Make a copy" from the context menu.

Google Drive - make a copy

After you have made the copy, you will need to rename it by right-clicking and choosing "Rename" from the context menu, then enter the new name and click the OK button.

Google Drive - Rename Copy


Note that you obviously dont need to make a copy if the month you need already exists.


3. Make changes to the roster

This is easy. Double-click the roster and it will open up. Then you can just edit whatever you want.

Note that if you change the top row of day numbers, the other rows will update automatically.

If updating a copy, don't forget to also change the month/year in the header.


4. Printing the roster

With the roster open, choose File in the menu and then Print (right at the bottom).

Google Docs Print1

A preview will be shown. Click the blue NEXT button in the top-right corner.

A popup box will be shown. You can then choose "Print to my computer" which should be the first option.

Google Docs Print2

Finally, a PDF file will be offered for download. Download this file and print as per normal.


5. Emailing the roster

Just follow the printing steps (above) but instead of printing the PDF you would save the file and then send it out via email.